Co-Curricular Activities

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Medical Camp and issue of free uniform to students of Govt. School, Podhattoorpet(14.01.2011)  “Samathuva Pongal” – Pongal celebration which teaches social equality.(14.01.2012) An Interview by our college staff in “All India Radio”  about “N.D.Sundaravadivel”  – Former Vice Chancellor of Madras University Motivational session to communicate in English for Govt. School students and our college students Teacher’s day celebration (05.09.2014)
Women’s day celebrations(08.03.2011) Blood camp(28.09.2011) Interview by our college staff about “Teacher Educators” in DoorDharshan – Podhigai Channel[Youtube Link] Teacher’s day celebration(05.09.2013) Dengue Awareness among students of ESSM Arts and Science College
“Kalai Ilakiya Vizha” – Cultural competitions and sports events “Mupperum Vizha” – Celebration of Nehru’s Birthday, M.varadarasanar’s centenary celebration and prize distribution function for Govt. school students of the nearby villagesWe conducted oratorical competitions for the Govt. School students (14.11.2011) “Mupperum Vizha”Swami Vivekanandar’s 150th year celebration, N.D.Sundarvadivel’s Centenary Celebration and oratorical competition for Govt. School students(28.01.2013) “Your Door to the future” – Program for 12th standard Govt. School students (specially for Girls) – Motivation cum tips to appear in the public examinationAlso, career counselling and various employment opportunities were given to them by District Employment officer (01.02.2014) Session about “Dengue Awareness” and “Open Air defecation and personal hygiene”(10.10.2014)
Medical Camp by Dr.SasikalaFor our college students and villages “Valar Kalvi” – Yoga class for students International Women’s Day Celebrations(08.03.2013) Visit to “GeeKay Edify School” – To understand the current trends and  expectations of the schools and the students
Science Day(28.02.2012) Teacher’s Day and V.O.Chidambaranar’s birthday Celebration(05.09.2012) Dengue Awareness and prevention activities –Students checked each and every house in the village and got rid of probable breeding place of mosquitoes like open tank, open vessels with fresh water etc.
Field Trip to Kribanandha Variyar Temple